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CEO Blog - 9.2.24


Reflecting on a Productive Half Term...


As we reach the end of the first half term for Tameside colleagues, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our recent activities and look ahead to the coming weeks.

We had a very  productive trustees' meeting this week, where we engaged in meaningful discussions about the strategic direction of our MAT.

Our trustees are dedicated to understanding the unique contexts of all our sites, ensuring that our decisions are in the best interest of every child, young person and their families.

It was encouraging to see their commitment to addressing the pressing issues faced by our schools, such as place pressure, infrastructure suitability and access to essential health support.

As we continue to advocate for our community, we are actively supporting a letter to the Secretary of State via the SSAT. This aims to amplify the 'voice' of the New Bridge community at the highest level, ensuring that our concerns and aspirations are heard and considered in decision-making processes.

It's exciting, urgent and necessary.

Looking ahead, the next few weeks will be focused on leadership recruitment.

On Monday, 12th, we will conduct interviews for the Executive Director for Learning and Impact, and during the week of the 26th, we will be interviewing candidates for the Headteacher of Hawthorns and the Head of Site for Spring Brook Upper.

It is always a good experience to engage with colleagues who aspire to take the next step in their professional journey.

Hearing their innovative ideas for the organisation fills me with excitement for the future.

I hope that those of you in Tameside enjoy a well deserved break during the next week.