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CEO Blog – 26.1.24



Hello everyone,

As we move through the challenging month of January, I wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘keep going’, lighter nights are on the way!

The dedication and hard work of our staff and students has been truly amazing this month and I am extremely proud of the resilience and commitment shown by our New Bridge community.

One of the highlights of this week has been seeing the progress we have made in updating our school websites.

The aim has been to make our websites more user-friendly and informative for parents, students and the wider community.

We understand the importance of keeping everyone informed and connected, and our website updates are aimed at achieving just that. It’s important to note that these updates are a work in progress, and we are continuously working to enhance the user experience and provide relevant and valuable information.

We are aware that some sections, such as photography, are due for an update, and we assure you that this is on our radar. We hope to include New Bridge students in this process, providing work experience in the process.

We appreciate your patience with this. Our goal for these website updates is not just to be a place of information, but also a platform to celebrate the achievements and successes of our New Bridge community.

We want our websites to be vibrant and dynamic spaces that showcase the fantastic work being done by our students and staff. Whether it’s highlighting student achievements, sharing insights from our teams, or providing a glimpse into the life of our schools, we are committed to making our websites a true reflection of the exceptional work that defines New Bridge Multi Academy Trust.

Website addresses won’t change, but you will notice some differences.

For instance, New Bridge School, New Bridge Pathways, New Bridge College and New Bridge Learning Centre sites will all come under the umbrella site of New Bridge School, with separate sections for each setting.

The same is true for Spring Brook Lower and Upper.

The physical sites willl retain their individuality, but it is important to recognise that these schools and colleges are all part of the same school, and bringing them together in one website is a good way of acknowledging this.

I encourage parents, students and the wider community to keep an eye out for these updates and to look through the refreshed content on our school websites.

We hope that these updates will make it easier for you to find information, stay updated on school events, and feel connected to the wonderful things happening at New Bridge.

As we move through January and beyond, I want to say thank you to everyone for their support and commitment this year so far.

Let’s keep going!