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CEO Blog – 15.12.23

Apologies for the radio silence but the pre Christmas rush got the better of me!

I have managed to attend all governors meetings. It has been really good to get a true overview and engage with governors on a personal level and to also look in a bit more detail at the strategies for each school.

I had the pleasure of showing the Director of Education, Early Years and Skills from Oldham, Matt Bulmer, around our Oldham schools and his feedback says it all I think:

“The level of care and education you provide to your children and young people is first class, and please do pass on to your team my thanks for the incredible work they do.  You must all be so proud of what you achieve together.  I took a range of actions away from the day, all of which I am starting to follow-up with my senior management team.”

Having had an involvement with the auditors in the last few weeks, I wanted to give a mention to our ‘back office’ teams, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the children/young people get the best and safest deal. Thank you all!

The Christmas performances have started and as music and performing arts is my background, I have loved being able to see the confidence, communication and performance skills developed in this context. The talent I have seen has been so exciting, and I even saw a real life donkey!! I am looking forward to more of that next week.

As Samuel Laycock breaks up this week and Hawthorns on Tuesday, I want to take this opportunity to wish all teams a Happy Christmas and to thank you all for the difference you make to our children and young people.

All the Best