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CEO Blog – 10.11.23

This week, it has been good to see each of our sites commemorating Remembrance Day in their own way. The creativity and thought that our staff have put into these ‘Remembrance’ themed activities is brilliant, and testament to their ingenuity.

It also shows how they are always making a conscious effort to make activities inclusive and accessible for all, whilst holding true to our commitment to British Values, which is a commitment that we all have as educators.

If you’re marking the silence this weekend, take a moment to think about what it means to you, as I’m sure our children and young people have had the opportunity to do this week.

Equally, if you’re not marking the silence and choose not to wear a poppy, we at New Bridge support everyone in our community to do what is right for them, without judgement.

Away from Remembrance, discussions have taken place this week about our new school in Tameside (AKA Hawthorns #2). This is all very exciting, and we have had some fantastic feedback from Tameside about colleagues in the inclusion conference.

Personally this week, I really enjoyed meeting all of our Heads of Site face to face and having the chance to do some purposeful networking.

I spent a very energetic afternoon with students and staff SBU, thank you for welcoming me.

Further discussions about the Rochdale free school have taken place as well. We’re still waiting for the all important ‘sign off’ on planning, but we remain optimistic it will come before Christmas.

That’s what this time of year is about, being optimistic!

The nights are darker, and the days are shorter, but there’s lots to fit in to a week at New Bridge.

See how much you can fit into your weekend. Whether you’re relaxing or doing something more exciting, it’s important to take that time for yourself and your loved ones.

Have a good weekend.