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CEO’s Blog – 24th March 2023

CEO's Blog - 24th March 2023 Our Organisation... The weeks are flying by and we're nearly at the end of the Spring term, so here's a snapshot of life at every one of our schools and settings. We're growing all the time, but our offer remains the best in special...

CEO’s Blog – 17th March 2023 – ‘Thank You!’

CEO's Blog - 17th March 2023  'Thank You!'   Well, if you've been following the updates on social media this week, you might just have noticed that almost 100 of our young people have been lucky enough to travel to Disneyland Paris. A trip that started on Monday...

CEO’s Blog (10th March 2023)

CEO's Blog (10th March 2023)   It was International Women's Day this week, and it was great to see our schools and settings marking the occasion with their activities and learning opportunities. Of course, we shouldn't only celebrate our women and girls for just...

We are looking for our next CEO…

We are looking for our next CEO... It's probably been the worst kept secret for a while, but I'm writing my blog this week to let everyone know that we are actively looking for the next CEO of the New Bridge Multi Academy Group and MAT. After many years working as...

CEO’s Blog – Student Voice (24th February 2023)

CEO's Blog - Student Voice (24th February 2023)   A few weeks ago, before the half term break, I said I would be reporting on how we listen to the Student Voice across our MAT and wider Group. Well, this week, I'm able to do just that, as some of our schools and...

Our Governors


Each school within the Trust has its own local governing body which is made up of:

• two staff governors, one being the Head of Site
• two parent governors
• five co-opted governors

The local governing bodies meet at least three times a year with meetings being held every term.

The Trust has a formal risk management policy to assess business, strategic and educational risks and to implement risk management strategies. The process involves identifying the types of risk the Trust faces, scoring and
prioritising each risk in terms of its potential impact, assessing the likelihood of occurrence and identifying means of mitigating the risk. A risk register is maintained and reviewed by the Audit Committee on a regular basis.

There is one local governing body committee for each school within the Trust and each committee meets three times a year.

Each local governing body committee is responsible for:

  • ensuring that all young people within their school have access to a high quality education provision in line with the shared mission and vision
  • monitoring the implementation of their school’s annual Development Plan, ensuring that it is delivering against agreed strategic and local objectives and moving the school and the Trust as a whole towards achieving and sustaining a regulatory judgement of outstanding in all areas
  • ensuring that the academic and well-being needs of their young people are being met effectively through the design and delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum which, through the use of personalised, developmental support, helps to maximise each individual’s success and enjoyment
  • ensuring all young people are safeguarded
  • working towards the Trust’s collective published admission number (PAN) being full

The governors of our schools are listed below:


Hawthorns School Governing Body

Fiona Armstrong
Chair of Governing Body
01/06/2019 – 31/05/2023
Appointed by Trust

Ashley Butterworth
Local Governor
13/01/2021 – 12/01/2025
Appointed by LGB/Board

Christopher Headdock
Local Governor
04/05/2022 – 04/05/2026
Elected by school staff

Leanne Doherty
Local Governor
20/07/21 – 30/06/25
Appointed by LGB/Board

Linda Travis
Local Governor
03/04/2022 – 04/04/2026
Appointed by Trust

Pierre Coiffait
Local Governor
01/09/2018 – 01/09/2022
Ex-officio by virtue of office as Headteacher


Hollinwood Academy Governing Body

Mark Reynolds
23/03/2016 – 8/12/2021      

Nicola Owen
Parent Governor
3/12/2015 – 8/12/2021

Rebecca Halkyard
Staff Governor
3/12/2015 – 8/12/2021

Robert Cockcroft
Parent Governor
3/12/2015 – 8/12/2021

Laura Millard
Ex-officio by virtue of office as Headteacher


New Bridge School Governing Body

Catherine Williams 
10/09/2014 – 31/08/2022

Gavin Lyons
Ex-officio by virtue of office as Executive Headteacher

Ken Stapleton
Local Governor
01/09/2014 – 31/08/2022
Appointed by LGB/ Board

Mohammad Basharat Anwar
Parent Governor
24/01/2019 – 23/01/2023

Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Staff Governor
01/02/2019 – 31/01/2023

Joan Readyhough
Local Governor/ Vice Chair
12/12/2018 – 11/12/2022



Spring Brook Academy Governing Body

Margaret Ramsbottom 
11/12/2017 – 10/12/2021
Appointed by LBG/ Board

Valerie Shaw
11/12/2017 – 10/12/2021
Appointed by LBG/ Board

Joanne Baker Marsh
Parent Governor
19/10/2020 – 18/10/2024

Mel Rodgers & Toni Thomason
Ex-officio by virtue of office 
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Springboard Project Governing Body

Margaret Ramsbottom 
01/09/2019 – 31/08/2023
Appointed by LBG/ Board

Mike Pidlyskyj
Ex-officio by virtue of office 

John Daly
Staff Governor
01/09/2019 – 31/08/23

Anne Clark
01/09/2019 – 31/08/23
Appointed by LBG/ Board
















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