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Autumn Newsletter – December 2022

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CEO’s Blog – 20th January 2023

(A New Bridge Week is a Brilliant Week!)


Believe it or not, this is the third Friday of the spring term.

Christmas seems like a distant memory as we’re already well underway for 2023, and all across the New Bridge MAT and wider New Bridge Group, our young people are getting to grips with some brilliant learning and interesting experiences.

It can be so easy to move on from one thing to the next too quickly, as there always seems to be something else on the horizon.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a fantastic position to be in, and it shows how enthusiastic and passionate our staff are, but every now and then, we should pause and take stock of just how much we do in a single week…

So, that’s what I’m going to do now. Here are the highlights from some of our sites.

It’s just snapshot, a moment in time, but it’s proof of just how engaged and committed we all are to working towards being the best Trust we can possibly be…

At Samuel Laycock, there was an assembly on courage…

Courage is something we all need, and as leaders in the world of SEND, we have to be confident and courageous in our decision making. I’m talking about both our staff and our young people here. I think we get it right most of the time, and when we don’t, we learn!

At New Bridge School, we’ve seen plenty of courage too, as some of the classes were involved in a panathlon challenge, which featured a number of sporting activities.

I’m always so impressed by the sporting activities we’re able to offer to our young people.

Speaking of sporting activities, at Hawthorns, PE is always high on the agenda for the classes, and this week has been no different. If you get chance, follow their PE twitter account at: 

In the mean time, have a look at some of the children from Buds exploring new apparatus.

At the College this week, we’ve seen some brilliant focus work on time. You can read all about it in their latest blog post, here: 

At Spring Brook Lower, it’s always great to see the individual achievements of pupils, which are shared every day on their social media.

Star of the show today seems to be Daniel, for some fantastic writing!

Spring Brook Upper have also been looking at writing this week, but writing from a little longer ago…

We’re talking Shakespearian writing, and their latest blog post, which you can read here: 

…is all about two classes coming together for an exciting speaking and listening task.

Just like Spring Brook Lower, Hollinwood Academy love shining a light on the ahcievements of their pupils, just like with Louis and his story sequencing this week.

Next week, I’ll have a look at Future Finders, Horizons, Springboard Project and the Learning Centre for my moments of reflection, and I’ll be sure to share the highlights with you all right here, in my blog.

For now though, enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back at our sites on Monday.


Take care





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