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Chicago Day 12

Wow! Today has been the most incredible day and the culmination of a lot of hard work in Chicago.

Today was the final App Showcase at the Apple HQ in Chicago city centre and boy did it live up to all our expectations!

We arrived at 401 Michigan Avenue, the home of Apple HQ and the Flagship Apple store, and the students had a few minutes to put some finishing touches to their final scripts and app presentation.

At 10am we were introduced to the panel of judges with another 20 leaders in tech industry from across America joining us via Zoom. The students were introduced one team at a time and they all did so well in presenting their pitch.

This was it, the moment we had all been building up to over the last 7 days. All the hard work, the researching of apps, the brainstorming of their ideas and designing a prototype for an app.

7 days ago we had no idea what the students would think up. Today, they showed off app ideas from a security app that screams when a device is moved (Blairer), an app that profiles young people with disabilities which the emergency services can use when called out (Keep Me Safe), and a health and well-being app that provides inspirational quotes to pick you up when feeling down (Little Wisdom). There were so many other great ideas, app prototypes and presentations.

After the presentations, the panel of judges deliberated for a short time and presented the following teams with their awards:

Best Innovation: Keep Me Safe (Mikey, Lee, Suhan, Kai)
Best Design: Colour Theme App (Tobias)
Best Pitch: Blairer (Arron, Musa, Thomas and William)

The look on some of the faces of the students was so amazing and will last with us all for a long time. You can see each of the students’ 3-minute pitch and the presentation of the awards by clicking the links below.


Chicago – App Showcase Intro 


Chicago – App Showcase ‘Blairer’
(Arron, Thomas, Musa, William) 

Chicago – App Showcase ‘City Art’
(Laila, Cacper, Jake, Damon, Brendan)

Chicago – App Showcase ‘Colour Theme Test App’

Chicago – App Showcase ‘Historeria’

Chicago – App Showcase ‘Info Maps’

Chicago – App Showcase ‘Keep Me Safe’
(Mikey, Lee, Suhan, Kai)

Chicago – App Showcase ‘Little Wisdom’
(Christian, Chey, Nathan)

Chicago – App Showcase ‘NB Enterprise’
(Max, Waj, Harrison)

Chicago – App Showcase ‘Resurator’
(Zen, Gabe, Manuel, Subhan)

Chicago – App Showcase ‘The Railway Man’
(Peter, James, Conner)

Chicago – App Showcase Awards Presentation 


We also had the students create a video documentary of their time in Chicago and we showcased these after lunch and presented an award for The Best Documentary which was REALLY GOOD! A selection of documentaries created by students can be seen below.

Video Documentaries 

Chicago – Apple Documentary – Tobias 

Chicago – Peter’s video 

Chicago – Video by Lee and Suhan 

Chicago – Video by Thomas, Musa and William


It’s so hard to think that curriculum aspect of the Turing Project has come to an end. Today was the culmination of many months of planning and the last 7 days of hard work the students put into it have really impressed us all.
We need to, once again, thank all the staff from Ridgewood High School and Shannon Osheroff from Apple who have worked alongside us in designing such a fantastic app development project. When we said our goodbyes at the end of the day there was a lot of tears. We also signed the flags from each other’s country, a keepsake of the wonderful time we have spent together. We have all built relationships that will continue for a long time after we return to the UK.
We are so proud of everyone. I’m sure you’ll see why when you look over the photos and videos from today. 



After our incredible last day at Apple, tonight was a night that we were all really looking forward to!We came back to the hotel first to get dressed up for our evening out and our first stop was Ed Debevic’s Diner- a really famous 1950’s themed American Diner where they’re famous for being rude to the customers and for dancing on the tables! The students had so much fun and it wasn’t long before we were all stood up with the staff performing the YMCA! Between Mr Wood, Mr Bright, Mr Slater, Mr Lyons and Mr Haque we had our very own village people!

Then one of the highlights of our trip so far was going to the theatre to see the Broadway production of smash hit musical ‘Moulin Rouge’! If we’re honest, we were a little worried that 20 boys who are interested in Computing and gaming might not enjoy watching a musical… but boy were we wrong! The show really was spectacular! Incredible sets, a huge cast of incredible dancers and singers and the theatre was transformed into the famous Moulin Rouge! With familiar songs from Lady Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry and many more, the students were singing and dancing along and loved every second! In the words of Max- ‘It was Euphoric!’

What a day! What a night! What a trip! Still time to fit in lots more adventures before we return home. More to come tomorrow…







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