20 Mar

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Good afternoon and welcome to our latest update regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

First of all, can I thank our amazing teams. The situation we have faced this week brings out the very best in people. I can assure you all that every individual member of our staff has been super supportive of our plans. Our heads have developed most of them! So, so many of them go over and above – thousands of “thank you”s!

Secondly, can I again reiterate our thanks to all of you, our families and young people. I know it’s a really frustrating time and many of our children find these sorts of situations really unsettling. We’ll be back to normality as soon as we are able.

So, our plans as of today:

From Monday, we are intending to open (albeit for a significantly reduced number of children) the following sites:


  • New Bridge School, Roman Road Site (for some New Bridge School pupils, some New Bridge Learning Centre students and some Medtia learners)
  • Hollinwood Academy (for some Hollinwood Academy children and some Spring Brook Lower children)
  • Springboard Project building (for some Springboard Project and some Spring Brook Upper pupils)


  • Hawthorns School (for some Hawthorns pupils)
  • Whitebridge College (for some White Bridge students and some Elm Bridge pupils)

We will open the sites listed above from 8.30am -4.00pm.

We have allocated places on a priority basis to children whose families are “key workers”.

I have been informed that all of you have been contacted, yesterday or today, by a member of our school teams. They have asked as to whether or not you would prefer to keep your child at home, with you, in line with government advice. As many of you have made this choice, can I assure you all there will be no “fines” or negative absence marks associated with you taking this option.

For a small number of children, who may have more significant needs, our teams need to complete a more thorough risk assessment. You will have been informed of this in your conversations with our school teams. Some of these children may start to attend sites a little later, probably on Tuesday.

For those coming into the buildings, our heads have been busy working with the catering teams to ensure food will be provided.

We have also been liaising with school transport services in both Oldham and Tameside to try to ensure your child, where applicable, continues to be provided with home to school transport.

For the children working at home, we will continue to set tasks (electronically) using our 1:1 iPad project. They will be supported by our Virtual Learning Teams. Where applicable, Free School Meal vouchers for these children/families will be provided. The children involved in this learning are already coming up with some super innovative ideas.

I think that’s all for now – please contact me if you’ve any worries or concerns. Please try and keep safe this weekend.