Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 11th February 2020! 

As normal we want everyone from across the New Bridge Group to get involved. This year the focus is ‘Together for a better internet’. It is more important for us than ever before that we all take part in raising awareness of Safer Internet Day.

There are lots of resources which can be used in class groups, year groups or whole school assemblies. Please click on the links below for your age group. You can start and end the day with the Safer Internet Day Quiz available here and there is a certificate you can award to pupils who complete the activities – please click here to download the template to print.

Safer Internet Day is a nationwide event and schools from all over the country take part in different ways. As usual, we are fully involved so please take lots of photos for the blogs and we can spread the word on social media. This year the Safer Internet Day campaign will be using the hashtag #freetobe – exploring all of the things that young people should be free to be, when they are online. Use this template to make pledges of what you will do to help create an inclusive internet, such as: ‘I will post things that I am proud of online’ or ‘I will support my friends to express themselves online’ etc.

Safer Internet Day Resources:

3-7 year olds

What does my avatar say about me? from UK Safer Internet Centre on Vimeo.

7-11 year olds 

11-14 year olds

Are you #freetobe yourself online? from UK Safer Internet Centre on Vimeo.

14+ year olds

Parents and Carers

How can parents and carers talk to children about their online lives? from UK Safer Internet Centre on Vimeo.