21 Jul

GrahamIt’s with a massive amount of satisfaction that I sit here writing my final blog of 2016/17. This academic year has proven to be eventful in every sense.

The Trust has now grown to have more schools and we anticipate this trend will continue into the next academic year. It’s been wonderful to work alongside our colleagues from Spring Brook. The children, young people, families and staff team have brought so much to our Trust.

Likewise, watching at first hand the growth of Hollinwood Academy has been truly remarkable. We have far exceeded our planned numbers over a year ahead of schedule.

New Bridge is a little like a vintage wine – it keeps getting better and better. We have seen national awards, further curriculum innovations and extended extra-curricular opportunities.

Horizons has benefitted from its move to the town centre. We now support the social and learning needs of well over 100 young adults. We only started with 4 youngsters – just 6 years ago!!

Our staffing team has expanded to include more than 350 colleagues. It’s wonderful for me to watch all our colleagues develop and grow.

Finally, on to our amazing young people. I have had the pleasure over the last week of attending a number of celebration events. I am immensely proud of every individual. Each one of them faces their own unique  challenges. Supporting them through their personal journeys is a true privilege.

Thank you to all the staff teams who work so tirelessly on our behalf. Thank you to all our families and friends for your continued support, encouragement and faith. Thank you to our trustees and governors for your unwavering vision.

Have a wonderful summer and here’s to next year!!


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