26 May

This week has been dominated by the dreadful events that occurred at the Manchester Arena on Monday night. Thankfully the children and their families from our schools who attended the concert all returned home safe and sound. However, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those from around the region who have been affected by this dreadful incident.

I think the horrific events were made even more real as our schools have often visited the Arena. We have arranged for our families to pick up the children in the exact spot the atrocity took place.

We have tried to explain the reasons why these events happen to all our children and young people. Many of them were able to consider the challenges with a great deal of maturity.

The children and young people who attend our schools and provisions come from every area within the town and from towns further afield. We support young people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and with a wide range of additional needs, all with their own different family situations and home backgrounds. We are fundamentally proud of our overriding ethos of valuing every single individual which is encapsulated in our mission statement, ‘Learning together, Learning for all, Learning for Life’.

Our staff team teach and reinforce tolerance and acceptance. Our children and young people treat each other with dignity and respect. Our staff treat the children and young people with dignity and respect. We treat each other with dignity and respect.

Our schools are beacons of how children and young people from different communities and backgrounds can learn together, live together and enjoy each other’s company. We share our successes and are annoyed at our failures. We stand as one community. We are proud members of the Greater Manchester family of schools.

None of us can comprehend the senselessness of the events earlier in the week. Our Trust will continue to break down barriers and respect the human rights of every individual.

Have a peaceful Bank Holiday weekend,