07 Jun

Well, what a day. The weather has been so good that some groups only returned about an hour ago (9.30pm)!

Today’s been as good as yesterday. The young people have been an absolute credit to the schools.

Yesterday I mentioned a few of the staff who are directly involved in the organisation of the trip. This evening I’d like to thank all of the staff that are presently over here in France.

Every one of them ensures our children get the very most from the days, whether that be racing around the white knuckle rides, lifting children onto the attractions, pushing wheelchairs up and over every inch of the parks….I could go on.

A special mention also needs to go to our volunteers, including Luke who is now a fully fledged Worcester University student and captain of the rowing club. You guessed it, he attended New Bridge! (Luke is just back from university and I will be sharing more news on him soon….)

The people in our schools are what make us exceptional. I don’t want to use Ofsted terminology (outstanding) because we are so much better than that. Our success comes from the passion of our staff. They are the ones that believe our children deserve brilliant opportunities. They believe the children should have experiences that build a rounded person. They believe we should never say never. I remember years ago that other schools couldn’t believe we’d take our children to lovely hotels, to other countries, on the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster!! Our staff thought differently, our schools thought differently and our families thought differently. Our staff constantly raise the bar.

I don’t need to justify our schools any more to others. We’ll continue to keep raising the bar.

Just think where we’ll be in 10 years’ time!

So proud of our staff, children and schools,


There are even more wonderful photos from today in our new facebook album here