18 Jan

Last week I promised you an update regarding our Horizons provision.

This morning we had our first meeting regarding the expansion of Horizons.

As you may recall, we opened Horizons in 2012 as a direct consequence of having no or very limited provision in Oldham. We opened with some simple ambitions. We wanted to ensure we could offer a (very small) number of 19 year olds quality assured, local provision. Back in the day the council kindly allowed us to use Broadway House, a building that had previously been used as an old peoples’ home. The rest, as they say, is history. After nearly going bump in 2014, we now have over 80 service users and 30 staff. Our projections for the next few years look very healthy, with more and more families and young people choosing us as a first option within the market.

So, what are we planning?

First of all, we are looking to expand the space Horizons have within the Medtia building.

Secondly, we are expanding our age profile to allow our over 25s (who have been part of our New Bridge families) to stay after their 25th birthdays.

Thirdly, we are anticipating a significant rise in our numbers in the Summer of 2019 and are therefore starting to explore opening a further 25-40 building. This is at a very early stage of thinking.

Next, and within this proposed new provision, we are re-visiting the whole area of respite and residential support.

I’d personally like to take this opportunity to think our amazing teams. I’m sure you will agree that they always go over and above. Special mention for the “gaffer” John Holland – he always remains positive and is always consistent in his approach. He places the young people at the heart of all his decision making. The young people always have a kind word to say about him – no comments please, Lauren! We must never take our unique offer within Oldham for granted. Ensuring we enhance our local offer, central to our local community, is essential in our next stage of development.

Let’s ensure the next 5 years are as successful as the last.

Have a great weekend,


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