21 Dec


I was delighted (just for you Lauren) to read the statement from Damian Hinds that was released last Sunday. This is an email that I circulated to all special schools across the country:

As you know, SSV members have been lobbying government for the last 6 months with particular regard to the financial position many of our schools find themselves in. Only two weeks ago we met with senior officials to explain our collective position. Special schools from up and down the country allowed SSV colleagues to use their schools as case studies. We were able to put forward a really compelling, detailed account of the challenges we are facing. Many schools have also written to their local MPs.

We were therefore delighted, on Sunday, to read the press release from Damian Hinds: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-funding-to-support-children-with-special-educational-needs

SSV welcomes the new money going into local authorities to support the high needs block. We acknowledge that this funding is time limited for the next two years. We see this as a step forward. However we will continue, on your behalf, to ensure all our children and young people receive the funding that they deserve. We need a sustainable and transparent funding formula that acknowledges the needs of the young people that attend our schools.

This is really positive news in our quest to ensure our children and young people are offered the very best opportunities to succeed.

To top this great news, we’ve also had a brilliant last week of term.

I’ve seen wonderful nativities and brilliant shows.

I’d like to thank our amazing staff in all our schools and organisations.

They work tirelessly to ensure your children get the very best experiences.

So, on behalf of all the governors, trustees and myself, can I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year,


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