23 Jun

Hi all – sorry for the lateness of this week’s blog, I had a few deadlines to meet at the end of the week!

Anyhow, on to my week which started with a senior leadership team update. We had an update on the Springboard Project, our new free school. Alison told us that our IT procurement is well underway. We heard about some really exciting opportunities that will be available using virtual reality and augmented reality. More news to follow.

Liz gave us an update relating to the Teaching Schools and our training and development teams. We are looking at rebranding all of this work as everyonelearning@ so that all of our teaching school commissions and the training work we do, both internal and external, can now go through this single organisation.

I told the team some news about a proposal from Tameside. The Tameside local authority approached our trust to see if we can support some of their work. This generated significant discussion.

Daniel gave us an update regarding the new Future Finders college. We will be opening in September at our Medtia site.

We held a number of governor boards at Spring Brook on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was great to hear of all the amazing progress relating to our children and young people. The staff are working so hard.

Things are getting really busy now. It’s always the same at the end of the school year. Our teams are busy writing reports that evaluate our work over the last academic year. We evaluate our development planning through Knowing our School and evaluate learning through Knowing our Curriculum. All of this information is discussed and the information used to generate next year’s plans.

I’m aware that we’ve a few residentials coming up. Our Key Stage 4 learners are off to Wales, as are our Year 6 children from Hollinwood while our Horizons youngsters are off to Spain – have a great time but be safe!

So it’s football all the way this weekend – come on England! Sun and BBQs, maybe??


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