16 Oct



Hi everyone.

It’s been another week of trying to make sense of the ongoing uncertainty.

I read a wonderful poem on the internet. It really resonated with me. It was written by Esther Nzenza.

Twas the week before half term and all through the land
The staff were tired of washing their hands
Of cleaning the desk, and the drawers and the pens
Of reminding their class not to cuddle their friends.
Of hand gel and soap, of bleach and of wipes
Of passwords and google and things that swipe
Of trying to stand at the length of a line
From friends where shoulders they wanted to cry on

Twas the week before half term and all through the land
The families were trying to make up great plans
That don’t involve meeting, or greeting, or places
That in these strange times don’t resemble safe spaces.
They look to the staff and all they have done
To make school inviting, inspiring and fun
The see past the problems, the issues and rules
To bring back the joy and excitement of school

Thank you for being the safe place, the learning
For standing there strong with the children returning
For finding solutions that don’t feel so strange
With no funds or magicians that help you arrange
For stories and spelling and phonics and play
For taking the fear of this moment away.

And to finish this week’s blog, Laura’s joke of the week seems very apt,

“Well Mr Quinn, I always told you this pandemic would end up in tiers”

On behalf of all the executive teams, governors and trustees can I thank every single one of you, our children, young people, the staff, our families and friends, for your massive support over the last few months.

Stay safe and take care,


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