22 May


Dear Parents/Families,

Thank you so much for your responses regarding our “new schooling offer”. We have been overwhelmed with replies.

Can I re-iterate, all we are doing at this point in time is ensuring everyone, who wants to, can contribute to the SCOPING and WRITING of our “new schooling” strategy. We are co-producing this document with families, the young people and all our stakeholders. Ensuring we have robust principles and a comprehensive process that will support us all in the next few months as we move through different stages of the pandemic. The versions I sent out earlier in the week will certainly be improved and changed because of your contributions.

Please don’t worry about individual risk assessments at this time. When we’ve collated all comments we will publish and distribute our final “New Schooling” document.

We are hopeful by the middle of next week staff in schools will be in a position to contact you directly to talk through your wishes and requirements.

Thank you again for your amazing co-operation.

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating this weekend,


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