11 May

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It’s great to end the week on a high!
Earlier today Dan Wood received a phone call from the Department for Education to say that our application for our new independent Specialist Post-16

04 May

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This week has been spent in meetings with some of our school based senior teams and colleagues who work within the central advisory team.

27 Apr

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Well, another week passes.
As you know the last few weeks, for me, have been massively influenced by my experiences over in the USA.

20 Apr

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Well, after a hectic couple of weeks it’s brilliant to be back in school.
I spent the first half of the week visiting all our schools and organisations.

14 Apr

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Well, I’m back.
After the most amazing professional development I have ever done, I undertook the journey from San Jose to LA, LA to London, London to Manchester – all within 17 hours.

12 Apr

CEO’s Apple blog – day 5 »

Well, what an amazing experience!!
I’ve spent the last few days with the most remarkable and inspirational people from both Apple and school leaders from the UK.

11 Apr

CEO’s Apple blog – day 4 »

Today we spent the whole day in Cupertino, California.
Brent Frey, the Director of Education at Apple, gave us an amazing insight into how Apple supports schools in the USA.

10 Apr

CEO’s Apple blog – day 3 »

Hi everyone, what an amazing day!
It started at the Apple retail store in Austin, Texas. The shop leader gave us an amazing understanding of Apple’s vision and strategy.

08 Apr

CEO’s Apple blog – day 2 »

Well, my second day in Texas and we are visiting the capital building in Austin – it’s supposed to be bigger than the White House in Washington..

07 Apr

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Well, I’m off! You may recall that I was asked a few months ago to travel over to the USA to work alongside some schools and the Apple corporation.