20 Jul

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This is the last blog of this academic year and as such I wanted to make it super special. I’ve therefore asked Matthew to complete a ‘guest blog’.

13 Jul

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After the events of the previous week, the last few days have seemed positively calm! In this week’s blog I’d like to discuss a number of policy related issues.

06 Jul

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Well, I can’t believe it’s Friday – what a week!!
Everything was set for a productive and relatively quiet week.

29 Jun

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We were visited by our colleagues from Apple at the start of the week. We were delighted to be able to host the Apple northern training event at our training rooms in Hollinwood Academy.

23 Jun

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Hi all – sorry for the lateness of this week’s blog, I had a few deadlines to meet at the end of the week!
Anyhow, on to my week which started with a senior leadership team upd

15 Jun

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This week has been quite a challenge – not because of the usual workload but more to do with the recovery period needed following Disney!! My wife says it’s because I’m getting ol

07 Jun

Disney – Day 2 »

Well, what a day. The weather has been so good that some groups only returned about an hour ago (9.30pm)!
Today’s been as good as yesterday.

06 Jun

Disney – Day 1 »

It’s been a brilliant day. The weather (until about 6.30pm) has been sunny.

24 May

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This week has very much been one of planning for next year.
I’ve been involved in discussions with schools, trustees and governors about next year’s plans.

18 May

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