Each school within the Trust has 2 Internal Management Boards. The relevant Head of Site chairs each board and can be joined by members of each local governing body and the CEO. Every board meets once each term and the appropriate Director(s) report directly to them.

Each Internal Management Board agrees a rolling programme of actions and reports in turn to their local governing body and the Board of Trustees.

Standards Board

The Standards Board reviews all learning and other experiences that each school provides for its pupils. Responsibilities for the Standards Board are shared between the CEO, the Governing Body and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. The board is responsible for:

  • monitoring test results and the teaching of the national curriculum
  • reviewing assessment and moderation across the curriculum
  • scrutinising pupils’ progress and achievement
  • evaluating educational visits
  • reviewing relevant policies such as those concerning school visits, sex and relationship education, collective worship and RE
  • monitoring the use of Pupil Premium Grant and Year 7 Catch Up funding and evaluating the outcomes
  • monitoring provision for pupils with special educational needs or exceptional ability

Safeguarding Board

The Safeguarding Board reviews all the safeguarding measures in place at each school and is responsible for monitoring:

  • pupil attendance
  • exclusions
  • behaviour
  • child protection
  • our extended schools provision

The board also takes into account the pupil dashboard and the holistic progress of all young people.